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the art to my 
copy, Lara



1x Gold - Hackify

1x Silver - Safest Route

1x Bronze - ReCaptcha Lives



1x Silver - Crashed Lyrics


Berlin School of Design and Communication 

B.A. Marketing communications

04/18 - 04/21 

Copywriter at Jung von Matt/Havel

Clients I have worked for: 
Ricola, SHARE NOW, Opel, Trendyol, Apple Music, Little Big Change, EDEKA, GoSpring, Landal, Cafe Royal, LIQID, Hohes C, Die Limo, Düsseldorf, Verivox, Silhouette, 1&1, CheWOW & more.


Jung von Matt/Havel  

04/22 - present - Berlin


Junior Copywriter
Jung von Matt/Havel  
04/21 - 03/22 - Berlin

Working Student Copy
Jung von Matt/Havel
04/20 - 03/21 - Berlin

Intern Copy
Jung von Matt/Next Alster 
09/19 - 03/20 - Hamburg

If I had to describe Ilayda in two objects she would be a battleaxe and a flower meadow, due to her post-briefing-pre-work war cry and her perfectly manicured nails with daisies painted on them. A small package with limitless creativity, personality, and Spongebob references, Ilayda has it all. 
What Lara has to say about me: 

They say dynamite comes in small packages, if that’s true, then Ilayda is an atomic bomb. Ready for any challenge, she whips up creative genius faster than you can finish reading the brief. More than talented, she’s a cool person who is endless fun to be and work around (trust me, I have to spend far too much time with her).

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