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Just try Ricola!

The new European brand campaign for the herbal candy brand Ricola, translated into 12 different languages. Went on the shoot, directed the voice recordings for 5 languages, adapted everything into a social campaign for all countries. 

Creative Director: Lukas Liske, Daniel Schweinzer

Art Director: Lara Wellner

Copywriter: Ilayda Erbas

Parallel to that they released two new flavors -  ginger orangemint and honey. Wrote the TVC scripts, storyboards, briefed the food stylists, got to direct the whole shoot and do everything in post for both flavors with my partner Lara. 

Here is the ginger orangemint TVC.

Art Director: Lara Wellner

Social Assets

The social assets, for all main social media channels. Adapted in all languages.

Art Director: Lara Wellner

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